Join us: Workshop on “Making Money Move for Agroecology”


Languages: English/French/Spanish

Pre-registration required:
REGISTER HERE. Deadline: 16 April 2021

The ecological, economic and social problems in food systems are now undeniable – urgent transformative change is needed. Agroecology is the leading approach to confront these problems. 

Yet, research shows again and again how little money is allocated to agroecology by private and public donors. Rather, they continue to fund highly damaging industrial agriculture or ‘sustainability solutions’ that actually undermine sustainable and just futures. 

In this webinar-workshop, we will focus on the methods and approaches to public and private finance best suited to enabling a transformative agroecology. 

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Presentation of the results and policy recommendations of the new CIDSE-CAWG research and policy briefing on how we can “make money work for agroecology”

Followed by:

  • An interactive panel discussion to explore existing opportunities and challenges to put these ideas into practice.
  • discussion with webinar participants in sub-groups on the research findings and policy recommendations A more detailed programme with panellists will be available soon. Stay tuned!