About ¡AN!

¡Agroecology Now! is a research, action and communications collective (formed in and around the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at Coventry University, England, UK) that focuses on understanding and supporting the societal transformations necessary to enable agroecology as a model for sustainable and just food systems.

¡AN! is committed to co-producing and mobilising knowledge with civil society organisations, intergovernmental bodies, policy-makers, researchers and food producers to advance societal transformations for agroecology.

Our work especially stresses the importance of People’s Knowledge in societal transformation and using participatory, transdisciplinary and action oriented approaches in research and development.

This overall project includes a sequence of related projects and the outcomes and publications from this project can be viewed here.

¡AgroecologyNow! is a horizontally organized network sharing a vision and a spirit of mutuality, care and solidarity. Originally the network grew from research groups at Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, but is an independent collective that speaks for no one and no one can speak for it.

We facilitate and participate in the transformative actions of people seeking food sovereignty and who confront inequalities, injustice and oppression in food and agricultural systems.

About AgroecologyNow!
The ¡AgroecologyNow! team at an international workshop in the UK discussing transformative Agroecology and planning future collaborations.

The current coordinating committee: