Farm Hack UK

New Farm Hack Report Now Available

Click here to read a report on the initial findings from research on Farm Hack UK . It characterizes Farm Hack UK as a thriving network based on horizontal exchange of knowledge and experiential learning. The final outcome of the project will be to co-produce a guide on ‘how to run a Farm Hack’.

Riffing off of the American initiative Farm Hack, the first UK Farm Hack first came over the pond in 2015 and since then there have been a further eleven events, including two Soil Hacks and three Lady Hacks (aka ‘The Women’s Farmworking Weekend’). Among other things, these events have aimed to create a community of collaborators to share knowledge and skills for a more just and sustainable food system in the UK.

Read the report here and learn more about farm hack here:

Research written by: Report written by Alice Taherzadeh, Chris Maughan, and Brittany Oakes. Research undertaken by Taherzadeh, Oakes and Maughan, with help from Becca Stevenson, Garethe Hughes, Colin Anderson, Ruth Hancock, Ed Hamer, Luke Justice and Darren. 

With support from: AgroecologyNow/Centre for Agroecology Water and Resilience, Cardiff University – Sustainable Places Research Institute and the Landworkers Alliance.

This is also a part of a broader research project on innovation and agroecology: