Join in on a Range of Online Workshops with CAWR at the Oxford Real Farming Conference

This year the Oxford Real Farming Conference or ORFC is going online and global with a 7-day programme (7-13 Jan) of talks and workshops from across the world. The event  will give food and farming activists, including producers, researchers, policy-makers and NGOs the chance to come together as a movement to exchange ideas, learn from each other and form new alliances. 

It will also provide space to organise ahead of the climate ministers and heads of state gathering, COP26, which the UK is hosting in Glasgow in November 2021. The team at Agroecologynow and CAWR will be involved 5+ presentations, workshops and interactive sessions (below). Note that many of the Dates and times are TBD and will be updated on this post as we confirm them.

1. Exporting technofixes, colonialism and resistance – (12th Jan @ 12-1pm GMT) 

2. Financing Agroecology – From tweaking to transformation…! (7th Jan @ 6-7.30 pm GMT) 

3. Can agriculture be decolonised? – Opportunities and obstacles for agroecology (12th Jan @ 7-8.30 pm GMT) 

4. Subtle Agroecologies: Farming with the Hidden Half of Nature (10th Jan @ 4-5.30 pm GMT) 

5. Building farmers capacity in the context of urbanisation: political pedagogies for urban agroecology (8th Jan @ 1-2.30 pm GMT) 

6. Agroecological, Regenerative or Organic: Complementary or Competing Approaches to Food System Transformation (8th Jan @ 4-5pm GMT) 

7. In the Belly of the Beast: Organising for Food Sovereignty in the US (Jan 12th @ 4-5 pm GMT) 

Delegates outside Western Europe, Canada, the US, New Zealand and Australia do NOT have to pay for tickets; registration for delegates from majority world countries will open with general ticket sales on Thursday, 19 November. View more at: 

We will also have an online exhibit as a part of the program so keep an eye out for how to connect with us there!