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Farm Hack: open source farm-to-farmer innovation in the creative commons

Farm Hack is a community-led approach to the development, modification and sharing of designs for farm tools, machinery and other innovations. It emphasizes a farmer-to-farmer approach to learning and creates platforms for farmers to come together to ‘hack’ and apply their collective ingenuity in the development of technologies appropriate for agroecology.

This briefing was developed with the European Coordination of Via Campesina as a part of the European Agroecology Knowledge Exchange Network and is available here.

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Farm Hack UK: Website and Facebook.

Farm Hack Scotland

Farm Hack USA

L’Atalier Paysanne – is a related model for developing appropriate on-farm technologies using an open source approach.

Many tools are unavailable on the market, and where they are available they can be very expensive and can create dependency on machinery inputs from corporate suppliers. This reduces the autonomy of farmers. By bringing farmers and other technology creators together, new capacity for learning and innovation is created, leading to improved tools, new ideas, increased confidence, and the capacity to develop and build tools.

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